The Darknet Diaries, The Malicious Life, The CyberWire, Smashing Security, The Cyberlaw Podcast, … the list goes on and on.

These are all podcast shows about cybersecurity, and they are all cybersecurity podcast shows outside of Asia which talk about cybersecurity events outside of Asia.

Chances are you may be subscribed to these podcast shows for your regular dose of cybersecurity news, observations, tips, and unique perspectives.

Well, what about the Asian perspective?

This is where SecurityLAH! comes in with an emphatic LAH! to signify the Asian flavour we want to bring to our stories, reporting, best practices, and perspectives.

There is a humongousgajillionzillion amount of cybersecurity activity, AND innovation that is happening in our corner of the world that is often under-reported, or not reported at all.

SecurityLAH! wants to put the local content out there to:

1. Drive technical and non-techie conversations and curiosity about cybersecurity.

2. Shine a light on the thought-leadership, best practices, and innovation happening in this extremely dynamic, exciting and challenging space.

If in the process, we can beat the perception that cybersecurity activities and innovation is only in developed countries… why not LAH?

The 5 individuals behind this podcast project are Doc, Nigel, Sky, Prof and Cat.

Doc is an old timer who started his journey during the days of ZX Spectrum. His early achievements were to eradicate the DH2 virus. Legend has it that he can make out the speed of the connection just by listening to modem handshakes… 

Nigel is extremely passionate about IT/Cyber/Information Security and Technology. He believes that along with emerging technologies, we would continue to come across newer threats. This in turn provides new opportunities for security to focus on. He looks forward to what the future holds.

Prof works on intersections of education, technology and people; pushing the envelope on matters she is enthusiastic about. She takes a pairwise notion of socio-technical scenarios and different topics to better understand and uncover; focusing not necessarily only on the best ways to solve but also the impact. Yea, she “talks” impact factors in her almost taciturn manner.

Sky is a Jedi at heart. Don’t be fooled by the peace loving character you see. Wait till you feel the wrath of his power, when he wields the FORCE and his light sabre.

Cat scribbles a lot. She jots down more notes than a doctor. If you ever meet her and she is scribbling something down…. something major is happening in the immediate vicinity. On the plus side, her handwriting is better than a doctor’s.